How To Win Customers & Get More Business


If your blog posts all sound like a sales pitch, you’ll have a hard time
finding loyal readers. You could alienate your targeted clients. Your blog could easily end up as a whisper in the wind with no-one around to hear what you have to say.

The majority of people don’t want to hear a sales pitch. Some don’t even
care about your business. They are looking for something for THEMSELVES.
If you want to create a business using your blog, don’t think like a salesman and step into the shoes of being a ‘mentor’ for your readers.

You achieve this by –

a. Knowing your target audience. That means understanding what they’re
looking for, their desires, their needs, secret wished, and dreams. Put yourself in their shoes and ask the questions they would ask, and then give some good answers in your blog. Work at ‘helping’ them.

b. Never go click-chasing using hyperbolic headlines. Aim your writing at
your clients.

c. Don’t worry about alienating some people. You only want to attract the
right ones, the ones who will understand you and respond to your message.

d. Define the purpose of your blog. Decide what it is you want to achieve
through it. I, for example, teach small business people how to create more persuasive content to help them get more business.

e. Study blogs that are successful and find out what makes them that way.
Analyze them carefully and learn from them.

f. Write when you find yourself feeling inspired or enthused. Energy can be
contagious and can flow through your words when you write your posts.

Salesmen are always wondering how they can make another sale. Mentors
care about what the students are learning and how they are making out. A mentor has a desire to help the students get ahead so they can live a life that is more fulfilling.

Readers are smart and will notice immediately if you are the salesman type or mentor type. Become a mentor and you can watch your business grow.

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