How to Get More From Old Content on Your Blog


If you’ve read around and you know your stuff when it comes to creating and running a blog, then no doubt you should know by now the value of sharing your new content as you upload it. Create a post, share said post on Reddit, Google+, Twitter, Facebook… rinse and repeat. Simple!

But what if you don’t have time to update your blog with new content every day? Does that mean you can’t do any promotion that day?

Of course not! It simply means that you should look for ways to promote your old content to get repeat traffic from old posts.

Lightning Can Strike Twice
Say you created a post on Bruce Lee, uploaded it to your site and then shared it on social media and it went somewhat viral. Maybe it got you thousands and thousands of hits on that day alone and then trailed off for the next few days.

Does that mean that you’re done with that post just because you already shared it once?
Of course not! An article on Bruce Lee is what you would call ‘evergreen’. That means that it will remain relevant no matter how old it becomes because it isn’t based on current trends or on topical news items. Thus you could promote it again ten years from now and have the same exact amount of success.

In fact, you could actually post the content to the very same place and probably still get a big response. Why? Because there are billions of people online – if the community is a big one then chances are your post will be seen by mostly new people the second time around.

But better yet, why not look for new places to share it? Other social networks, forums or social bookmarking sites?
If you consider that each of your blog posts has the potential to rake in thousands of views, that means you’re probably sitting on a veritable goldmine if you have a website packed with old content!

Want to get even more use out of your old posts? Then consider updating them from time to time. This way you have a legitimate reason to post them in the same place you’ve had success before and Google will also see the content as being relevant and up-to-date. This is a big help for your SEO!

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